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Welcome children of the internet, I am a tedious sonofabitch. 18, from Northern England.
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73% of no votes came from over 65's, blinded by the bbc, set in their ways, living comfortable middle class lives with pensions and security while a huge amount of people in this country are poverty stricken and have to rely on food banks to survive
oneinchwalrus oneinchwalrus Said:

They’re still Scottish citizens and their vote counts exactly the same

The thing is about democracy ladies and gentlemen, is that it’s the people’s ¬†choice. 55% is bigger than 45%, believe it or not…

Whichever way it came out there would be trouble, and there’s nothing the yes voters can do at this point for a generation or two at the very least, just stop all the fucking moaning now, it’s over.¬†




people who say the n word and the f word make me angry

ned flanders


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