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Welcome children of the internet, I am a tedious sonofabitch. 18, from Northern England.
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The show’s really deviating oddly so now, though. It always has, but plenty of it seems pointless

I’ve read the books, don’t get me wrong, but posting of gifs to a show like AGOT should wait a few days really. 


Don’t fight hate with hate doesn’t mean “don’t be angry.”
It doesn’t mean “don’t fight.”

It means channel that anger into actual, helpful actions; things that will actually promote social justice and societal change.

Yelling at “the oppressor” in the name of “social justice” is not going to fix…

the pressure they were put under is ridiculous 

There’s two types of people on tumblr

1.) people who say ‘there’s two types of people on tumblr’ 

2.) people who aren’t cunts


I have been waiting for this gifset for my entire life.

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Amour is a terrifying and bleak film to watch. That’s for sure. 

If this is Haneke’s most pleasant movie, not looking forward to his others.

Mother of dragons, printer of paper

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